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Sports bets and betting on sport has always been popular through-out the ages. Today sports betting has become even more popular, and with the advent of the internet, international online betting is now a reality for sports events around the world, from anywhere, and at any time ... so get in on the online action and bet on your favourite sport or team today !

Our easy to use site will give you an in depth look at the different sports, show you the betting types of bet that can be placed on each sport. The sports top sportsbooks and offer you some handy betting tips. We give each sports general information, as well as the top current annual events, the players and famous people involved in the sport, It's trivia and history. 

If you want to jump right in and place your sports bet, here are top international sportsbooks that are available online. We show you the individual welcoming bonus offers that they have and are available for you to claim when you sign up with your sportsbook of choice. Most importantly, these online betting sites are all well established, tried and trusted and 100% secure.

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Sports Bets

It is a good bet to say that wagering or betting on sports predates historical records, for as long as there have been contests with winners and losers, there has been sports betting. However, when it comes to the promotion of sports betting as a popular social activity, much of the initial credit in our world history has to go to Greece, and the Olympic Games.

Sports betting today means a lot more than a bet placed on horse and greyhound racing. It is a term that can be interpreted loosely today. Just about any sport or activity you can think of has an online betting site that will offer you betting opportunities and odds on it. In a nutshell, virtually anything is up for grabs.

Live-In play is an new and exciting innovation that the internet has opened up to us all. With live-in play you actually place bets while the game you are watching is happening, yes, in play from anywhere! It doesn't matter where you are in the world or what time it is in your country, the betting sites or sports books are available 24 hours a day.

Play-Sport-Bets Focus

Play-Sport-Bet focuses and goes into more depth on the actual sports themselves. This, is of course, in addition to showing you the various bet that can be placed, as well as where to place them, and how to play and place bets online. The range of sports and betting opportunities are so wide we made the decision to focus on some of the most popular sports for betting on in the world today and these sports are;

Soccer,      American Football,       Rugby,         Horse Racing,          Tennis,        Cricket,       Formula One     and    Golf.

So ... enjoy, and learn more about these top sports, the players, the bets and odds available and the available sports books. Assimilate all the information we give you here, and then place your bet.

Cheer your personal football, cricket, ice hockey, rugby, baseball team, tennis, formula 1, golfer, cycling team, horse or other sport event home.

The tremendous range of betting possibilities make this an increasingly attractive activity for the betting man and sport enthusiast or novice to explore and enjoy online internationally.

So, with your game about to start, have fun backing, betting and chancing the odds and winning on your favourite sports team, sport or athlete with play-sport-bet.